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10 Travel Tips from Poly Travel

In 2020 Cal Poly conducted an audit to better examine and understand university travel and hospitality. These findings helped identify a few house-keeping and administrative steps that are often overlooked when planning travel.

Today Poly Travel would like to remind staff and faculty of some best practices and tips when traveling for work!

  1. First things first, use Concur! When a staff or faculty member begins to plan their trip, it is important that they request travel via Concur. Concur is an efficient web and mobile tool used to manage travel and expenses anytime and anywhere.
  2. Prior to departing faculty and staff should complete the Concur Travel Request. This is where you will indicate the purpose of travel and make a formal request to travel on behalf of Cal Poly.
  3. It is also important to include an agenda for conferences or other events that you are attending. This is so that approving officials can get a clearer picture of business travel dates and what meals, or hotel expenses will be needed.
  4. At the end of your trip, a Concur Expense Report should include itemized receipts for all expenses $40 or more.
  5. SUBMIT your Expense Report with all expenses for review, approvals, and processing. Concur has a four-year retention on all Expense Reports.
  6. All travel claims should be submitted for approval within 10 days of the travel end date for the Cal Poly Corporation and 30 days for Cal Poly state employees.
  7. If you are staying in a hotel in California, it is recommended that you complete The Hotel Occupancy Waiver to have taxes waived at the discretion of the hotel.
  8. While traveling, keep all itemized receipts and invoices for anything from air travel, hotel, taxi, rideshare, gas, rental car, etc. Use the Concur App (SAP CONCUR) to take pictures of your receipts while you travel. The receipts will be automatically saved in your Concur. Receipts are required for all airfare, hotel, car rental, and hospitality purchases, and for any other expenses that are $40 or more. Out of pocket items are reimbursable in Concur.
  9. If you will be using your personal vehicle during for the travel period, please attach a 261 - Private Use Vehicle Form to your Concur Request. This allows the traveler to use a privately owned vehicle for state business.
  10. Keep track of all fees and charges during our trip. This can include expenses for conference, registration fees or “Social Fees”

Traveling is a great way for faculty and staff to get hands-on experience in their fields and gain knowledge from experts outside of Cal Poly. Cal Poly has set these guidelines in place so that this kind of travel can exist in a manner that is compliant with relevant Chancellor’s Office directives and Cal Poly’s overall campus procedures.