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Cal Poly Police Now Accepting 911 By Text.

This spring quarter Cal Poly Police’s dispatch center began receiving and responding to 911 text messages. While this is a great enhancement to this life saving service, 911 texting is only to be used in emergency situations when you cannot make a call. It was designed specifically for situations involving individuals with hearing and speech impairments, or in circumstances where making a phone call would put an individual in danger.

Keep these points in mind when considering the best way to contact 911:

  • Always call first, use texting as a last resort
  • Texting 911 requires that your phone carrier can identify your location
  • You will be asked for your location after texting 911
  • Texting 911 requires a data plan and is not available while your device is roaming
  • 911 text messaging does not accept photos or videos
  • Avoid using abbreviations, difficult language, other languages besides English, or emojis in your text
  • 911 texts are to be sent only to 911, no group texts allowed
  • Remember, it is a crime to text with a false emergency

Use this service with caution and stay safe Mustangs!