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Good For You To The Core

Nothing is better than biting into a cool, crisp apple. From decadent desserts to savory meals, apples can be added to any meal with ease. They can be found all over campus at locations like Campus Market and 805 Kitchen, or can be purchased at your local grocery store or Farmer’s Market. With over 7,500 apple varieties to choose from, you’ll never get tired of this tasty fruit.

The saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is no joke. Apples are naturally free of fat, cholesterol and sodium, making them the perfect healthy snack. They are full of dietary fiber- 5 grams in one medium-size fruit and contain an antioxidant called Quercetin, which is believed to protect brain cells from damaging radicals. The antioxidant powers of apples are also beneficial to the heart. They can help lower cholesterol and protect the heart against heart disease.

Apples are also good for maintaining healthy skin. Packed with vitamin C and vitamin B, apples promote skin health by speeding up skin cell production and fighting acne and skin irritation. Granny Smith and Red Delicious are especially nutritious due to their high collagen and elastin levels. However, all apple varieties have nutrients to give you healthful, glowy skin.

Fall is quickly approaching and apple season comes with it. Check out these 15 apple recipes to try out this fall. They’ll have you feeling warm and fuzzy in no time.

And if you’re overwhelmed by your fall apple picking, here are 12 inventive ways to use apples besides eating them!