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Pedaling Safely Round’ Cal Poly

Taking advantage of the beautiful weather and Central Coast views, biking is a great way to get around campus, especially this time of year! Here are some bike safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Helmets are your friend. Don’t try to be the cool kid and leave your helmet at home. This piece of plastic can not only be a fashion statement, but save your life.
  • Lock it up! According to a recent KSBY article, around 17 bike thefts take place in San Luis Obispo each month. Heavy duty U-locks are a safer option than flexible wire locks since they’re harder to break.
  • Remember that time you were in the car and couldn’t believe the biker next to you riding without any bike lights? Don’t be that person. Be courteous to yourself, those you share the road with, and follow the law. In fact, according to California bike laws, at night bicycles must have red reflectors on the back and white reflectors on the front and side pedals.
  • Listen up! Enjoy listening to music on the ride to school? Make sure to leave one earbud out. According to state law, both ears may not be covered by earplugs or a headset while operating a bike.
  • Speaking of following the law, all bikers are held to the same rights and responsibilities as any vehicle driver. You are subject to being stopped and cited for riding through stop signs, wearing headphones, riding against traffic, or not having proper brakes. This applies for riding on campus too!
  • Use common sense and watch out for driveways, tight corners, crosswalks and students!
  • Go to Bike Night. Just do it.

Be careful and be smart riding your bike. Enjoy the luxury of avoiding parking lots and lines of traffic by utilizing your bike as a main mode of transportation!