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Walk This Way: 8 Safety Tips for Walking Around Campus.

At Cal Poly, we work and study in an idyllic environment with its mountain backdrop, tree lined streets and smiling passersby. It’s hard to imagine that while walking from class to class, or from your car to your office, anything bad could happen. UPD’s Deputy Chief Brenda Trobaugh would like to offer the following safety tips to ensure nothing does.

  1. Be aware of your surroundings. Avoid walking around while using your cell phone. It is a distraction from the activity around you.
  2. Always walk with a friend. When walking around campus, it is a safe practice use the buddy system.
  3. Cross safely. Look both ways before crossing any street. At controlled intersections, cross only when you have the pedestrian crossing light. Make eye contact with any drivers who may be turning. Make sure they see you. It can be tempting to simply jaywalk, but it can be an infraction and a safety hazard.
  4. When crossing campus after sundown, walk in areas well lighted.
  5. When walking at night, wear light-colored clothing and reflective clothing to be visible. Drivers are often not expecting walkers to be out after dark, and you need to give them every chance to see you, even at street crossings that have crossing signals.
  6. Keep a phone in hand and have Campus Police or 911 on “speed dial” for unexpected emergency situations.
  7. If walking to a vehicle, the keys should be kept in hand and ready to use when entering the parking lot or street.
  8. Trust your instincts. If you see something that looks suspicious, contact University Police and explain the situation. If you are unsure, but it doesn’t “feel right,” then it is probably suspicious.