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10 Things A&F Has Done to Create a Safer Campus

Facilities Operations team members install a partition in a restroom

The 2020 academic year will most certainly be different; however, a lot of work, time and planning has gone into ensuring a smoother transition and a safer experience in this new campus environment.

Here are 10 things that Administration and Finance units have done since spring to create a safer campus:


  • More than 50,000 face coverings that will be given to all campus community members
  • Over 100 digital thermometers that will be used for health screenings
  • 35,280 bottles of hand sanitizer
  • More than 800 Merv-13 filters (we’ll explain)

Our colleagues have also:

  • Installed more than 4,000 signs and floor graphics in more than 50 buildings
  • Removed from service dozens of sinks, urinals, and other fixtures in building restrooms to provide physical distancing and still maintain minimum need requirements
  • Installed more than 250 plexiglass barriers
  • Reconfigured 140 classrooms and labs
  • Conducted more than 600 HVAC assessments in over 120 buildings and installed the higher rated Merv-13 air filters
  • Collaborated with the CSU to launch a COVID-19 Safety Awareness Online Course

This is just a simple snapshot of the incredible amount of work that has been done to create a safer campus for all students, faculty and essential staff.

The Fall Work Plan - Return to Work Protocols for COVID-19 was part of this tremendous effort. The plan offers guidance for different workplace scenarios as well as trainings and simple steps that can help keep the community safe. It is highly suggested that all Cal Poly community members familiarize themselves with this plan.

If you have any questions on the Fall Work Plan please do not hesitate to contact HR at or the Employee Support Services group at 805-756-2236.