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A&F COVID-19 Webpage Redesigned

Got questions? These days, who doesn’t. A&F understands that in this time of change, new concerns are coming up daily. Maybe you’ve been wondering about the university’s COVID leave and pay programs, or traveling processes? Regardless of what your question may be, the team in ANTS wanted to make the answer easier to find so they redesigned the A&F COVID-19 Information webpage to make it more user friendly, accessible, and intuitive. This site will help keep staff and faculty up to date on all work-related things throughout the constant changes of the pandemic.

Here is some of the information you can find on this page:

The Fall Work Plan - This plan was created by HR in order to provide protocols and policies that offer guidance, assistance and support to help keep the community safe. It is highly suggested that all Cal Poly community members familiarize themselves with this plan!

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - Presents all the information needed regarding the face masks and shields that Cal Poly provided to its community members, as well as how to use this equipment properly.

Health and Wellbeing - Offers advice as to how we can slow the spread of the virus with additional instruction regarding getting tested on campus, mental health resources, and how to become a volunteer COVID-19 contact tracer.

Campus Safety Enhancements - Demonstrates all of the hard work and preparation Cal Poly has dedicated to implementing stronger health and safety practices on campus.

COVID-19 Related Leave and Pay Programs - If you have any questions regarding CSU Paid Administrative Leave, Temporary Paid Leave, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, and more, check out this section!

Employee Assistance Program - Concerns surrounding any personal or workplace challenges should be directed towards this page as the EAP provides extensive assistance to help faculty, staff, and their household members.

Working Remotely - Adjusting to working at home is a new challenge for most, this section offers a Working Remotely Toolkit and any Telework Form you may need.

Parking - Want to bring a car on campus? Looking for an escort van? Interested in learning more about the Cal Poly Police Department? This site is the place to look!

Travel Process - If you plan to travel anytime soon, give this page a read to make sure you are abiding by University Travel Guidelines.

Mail Distribution - Online shopping has become a real addiction for some during this time of isolation. In order to stay informed on the everchanging mail distribution process, take a glance at this part of the webpage to learn more about hours of operation, deliveries, and more.

Paycheck Distribution – With fewer people working on campus, picking up your paycheck may look a little different.

Campus Events - Despite the current circumstances, events can still happen as long as you respect the guidelines and protocols outlined on this site.

Payments and Procurement - Any questions about payments, procurement, travel, and distribution can be answered by Strategic Business Services here.

Service Hours - During this time, most departments within A&F have modified their hours. Reference this part of the website if you would like to get in contact with any of those departments.

The best thing to do under these unique circumstances is to keep yourself regularly informed so that you can adjust in a way that is best for you and others. We encourage all community members to use this newly designed website with questions or concerns surrounding any of the information listed above.