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A&F’s Newest Colleagues

Every academic year brings a plethora of “news”. New students, new classes, new housing, and even new staff members. This blog post is specifically dedicated to introducing some of A&F’s newest hires so that these new faces might become a bit more familiar to you. The university is very fortunate to add these awesome individuals to the A&F team.

Jackie Gomez

Introducing Jackie Gomez, the new event operations analyst for FMD. Gomez is a San Luis Obispo native having lived here since she was 10 years old. Gomez is excited to now be involved in the planning stages of events that she grew up attending as a kid and looks forward to providing that same experience for the university and San Luis Obispo locals. Gomez has quite the resume with various roles with a few universities and professional sports organizations including Arizona State University, the San Francisco Giants, the Seattle Mariners, the San Diego Padres, Stanford University, the Charleston Riverdogs, and the University of Georgia.

Greg Laubsch

Please welcome Greg Laubsch to A&F! Greg will be joining us as the new assistant director of Student Accounts. Laubsch received his degree from San Diego State University in Political Science and Finance and has worked for Chase Bank, Bank of America and Starbucks prior to his role at Cal Poly. He grew up on the Central Coast is excited to be back in the area where he can explore the outdoors, through hiking and cycling.

Sara Schaffer

Say hello to Sara Shaffer, the Cal Poly Police Department’s newest dispatcher! Shaffer has many years of experience, most recently Shaffer worked for the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Office working as a Custody Deputy for 12 years. Shaffer is excited to be working as a dispatcher because of how much she enjoys being part of law enforcement and likes the idea of being more behind the scenes and less hands on. She is looking forward to the smaller department size at Cal Poly and being part of helping and keeping college students safe.

Scott Severn

Alongside Shaffer, Scott Severn recently joined CPPD as a police officer. Severn is from Santa Margarita and has spent the last ten years 10 as a Police officer at Cuesta college. Severn enjoys working amongst students and looks forward to engaging with the university. Fun fact, Severn is also an EMT and a pilot on top of being a police officer! Safe to say the university is in good hands.

Alexandra Robin

Next up is Alexandra Robin. Robin is from Atascadero and went to school at the University of Oregon where she got her degree in Telecommunications. She will be joining Cal Poly as an Information Systems Analyst where she looks forward to the opportunity for professional growth and being part of the university community. Prior to Cal Poly Robin worked at The Spice Hunter.

Michel Gonzalez

Finally, we have Michel Gonzalez, a recent Cal Poly grad from 2019! Michel grew up in Cambria, just 35 miles north of Cal Poly where he worked as a financial analyst for a hotel management company. Gonzalez is now a financial services representative for Cal Poly! His goal is to help students understand their financial account and become a reliable resource for them. Gonzalez is excited to collaborate with various departments to broaden his knowledge on the different financial processes and to work to improve them.

If you see any of these new faces on campus, stop and say hi! The university looks forward to seeing what these new hires accomplish in their time at Cal Poly.