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Cal Poly is Becoming More Inclusive, One Bathroom at a Time.

New all-gender restroom signage on the first floor of the Baker Science Building.

Starting in November, all single-user restrooms on campus will be getting updated with all-gender signage. That is, any gender affiliation will be able to go about their business without discrimination.

This is the next step that the university is taking to ensure that everyone on campus knows that they are an equal part of the Mustang family. Cal Poly values all acts of inclusivity and diversity.

The signs will start going up in the 39 applicable campus restrooms in November, and it will probably take till around March 2018 to install all the state-approved signage.

Last year AB-1732 was signed into California state law in order to lessen discrimination against any gender by requiring any signage on public bathrooms be accepting of all genders.

The university’s accordance with AB-1732 is not simply to fulfill legal duties, but social obligations as well. The campus prides itself on supporting groups of all kinds and will continue to make accommodations through any changes that need to be made.

For more information about this policy, contact Jessica Hunter or Travis Dunn at Cal Poly Facilities Management and Development.