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Campus Dining Memberships for All!

Cal Poly Campus Dining strives to provide healthful and delicious experiences to everyone in the campus community. What better way to do that than to provide dining plans for all students, faculty and staff?

Cue the Community Dining Memberships! New for the 2021-22 academic year, Campus Dining is introducing Community Dining Memberships which are simple, low-cost plans that make it easy for students, faculty and staff to access delicious and healthful food and snacks during busy days on campus. Not only are these new memberships convenient for a quick meal, but most plans include bonus Dining Dollars.

These memberships are easy, flexible and come in six different size options. They range from the Poly 2250 for those who will frequently eat on campus, to the Poly 250 for the snackers who need a quick pick-me-up while passing through. For those who also like to venture off campus, the hybrid PolyGrub plan offers even more options. This plan comes with $100 that can be spent off campus via Grubhub. There is also the option to recharge your membership in $25 increments.

Based on a declining balance system that works like money on a debit card, your Poly ID will be loaded with Dining Dollars that can be used for purchases at all Campus Dining restaurants, food trucks and markets, including Subway, Shake Smart and Starbucks. Any unused Dining Dollars will roll over to the next quarter through the end of the academic year. Funds remaining at the end of the spring quarter are forfeited unless a plan is purchased and maintained for the 2022-23 academic year.

Faculty, staff and students with dietary restrictions can also benefit from these memberships as Campus Dining has developed many different options to support campus community members with food allergies and special nutritional considerations. It is recommended that those interested should review the food options at to determine if their dietary needs can be met prior to submitting their initial payment registration.

Get access to more than 21 dining venues, three markets and over 1,000 menu options and enroll today!

For more information on these new memberships or to sign up please visit the Community Dining Membership webpage