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Campus Safety Made Easy: Cal Poly provides the Rave Guardian App for All

At Cal Poly, the safety and wellbeing of students, faculty and staff is at the center of everything the university strives for. This week Cal Poly Public Safety took another step forward by introducing the free Rave Guardian app to the campus community.

With just the tap of a few buttons, Rave Guardian will turn your smart phone into a personal safety device. This new tool will allow users to easily send anonymous tips to the Cal Poly Police Department (CPPD), set a safety timer when walking from place to place on campus, text Mustang Patrol, connect to 24-hour police or support services, and offers easy communication with CPPD.

Messaging within the Rave Guardian app provides confidentiality and a direct way to be put in contact with campus police. App users can even choose to be anonymous if that is preferred. Users can easily connect with 9-1-1 or CPPD officials through the pre-programmed emergency call button. Any suspicious activity can be reported quickly and effectively with images or a quick text if calling is unsafe.

Something that is quite unique to Rave Guardian is the Safety Timer feature. Serving as a virtual companion on walks across campus, the Safety Timer alerts selected friends, family or CPPD, known as Guardians, of a planned departure and arrival time, and then notifies them when the user reaches their destination. If the user does not reach their destination by the designated time and the Safety Timer is not deactivated, the selected Guardian will be notified of the user’s location. It takes little to no time to set up this feature and can put your mind at ease when walking around campus in the dark.

Take the time today to sign up for Rave Guardian by downloading the mobile app from the Apple Store or Google Play and enter your device’s phone number. When the user enters their Cal Poly email address that device will connect to the Cal Poly community and be authenticated.

This app will allow Cal Poly students, staff and faculty to come together to promote safety through the power of community. Join the network and help protect yourself and others today! For more information on Rave Guardian, as well as the app’s privacy and security visit