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Celebrating New Capital Projects

At Cal Poly we are always striving to provide the most up-to-date facilities to better support the campus community. While there are always large projects going on, we wanted to take some time to highlight some recent capital projects that you might have missed.

The improved press box and plaza at the Baggett Sports Complex

Baggett Stadium is the beloved home of the Cal Poly Baseball team. Thanks to generous donor Bill Hoffman, the Baggett Sports Complex received an improved press box and surrounding plaza. The press box improvements include enhanced brick finishes, new windows, LED video board, interior enhancements, and improved functionality. The plaza includes new archway entrances, enhanced concrete “baseball”, landscape, and relocation of the Ozzie Smith statue. Next time you enter the stadium you can enjoy these new additions.

Campus wide wayfinding

The Facilities Management and Development (FMD) department has just completed the first phase of a campus wide wayfinding project. The goal of the campus wayfinding project is to provide more signage to help guide people through campus. As of now, 31 new vehicle signs have been installed to replace the old ones all around campus. The signs integrate the new campus colors and logo that went into effect in the last few years. FMD plans to work on parking signs this summer and hopes to begin work on the pedestrian signs as well. Following this phase, FMD will work on campus street signs, monument signs and map signs. Look out for these new signs!

Last is Building 70, otherwise known as the Facilities Building. The objective of this renovation is to maximize the use of the existing building by creating new offices and training facilities, incorporate the use of cubicles and shift current office assignments. The project includes adding additional offices, conference rooms, workspaces and creating a new home for Environmental Health and Safety. Additional work also includes new restrooms and shower/locker facilities in the carpentry shop and installing fire alarm and fire sprinklers throughout the building, plus minor exterior enhancements that will improve accessibility with ADA compliant ramps, stairs and guardrails.

Next time you see these new additions we hope that you will think of all the hard work from FMD. After all, it’s the “little” things that make the Cal Poly campus better!