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Cal Poly Roundup of COVID-19 Information

Monday, Mar. 22: Cal Poly Roundup of COVID-19 Information

In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, here you will find the latest Cal Poly updates and campus wide resources as of Monday, Mar. 22. The situation is dynamic, and this page will list weekly updated information. For daily updates, visit Cal Poly’s main coronavirus information page.

As Cal Poly closely monitors the COVID-19 outbreak, it is essential that students, faculty and staff members are well-informed. Cal Poly’s top priority is the safety, health and well-being of all campus community members and visitors during this time. The university is working with the County of San Luis Obispo Public Health Department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in proactive pandemic planning. In all actions, Cal Poly is following the guidance of local health officials.

Coronavirus Campus Updates

There are now 20,260 confirmed cases in San Luis Obispo County. For more information, visit the San Luis Obispo County Emergency Information website.

To date, Cal Poly is aware of 1,622 Cal Poly community members with confirmed COVID-19 tests. View all campus updates here.

For a list of all campus updates and communications please visit


Classes were scheduled to start Jan. 4. The final day of in-person classes was Mar. 12. Spring term classes will begin Mar. 29. For more information visit

University Housing currently remains open at a lower capacity. Students choosing to live on campus still have the opportunity to make new friends, engage with the San Luis Obispo community, and participate in different academic and social events while continuing to follow specific guidelines in order to preserve the health and wellbeing of themselves and others. Certain accommodations have been implemented such as reconfigured common rooms and study spaces, virtual events hosted by residential advisors, frequent custodial cleaning of shared surfaces, open mail and package services, and more. Visit Cal Poly’s University Housing website for additional information.

Cal Poly is offering students critical care resources during this time. Students struggling with housing and meals, tuition and academic supplies, medical and transportation needs can access one-time emergency financial grants. For more information visit

Students struggling with food insecurity can access the Cal Poly Food Pantry, Campus Dining meal vouchers, and monthly CalFresh benefits. Students are also encouraged to utilize virtual counseling services. For more information, visit Cal Poly’s Student Care Resources website.

COVID-19 Reporting for Faculty and Staff

To help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and to ensure Cal Poly provides support and resources to faculty and staff, the university requests that employees or a designee complete a confidential COVID-19 Online Reporting Form if they have tested positive or are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and have been on campus.

More information and an online reporting form, are available at The webpage also provides guidance to a department chair or administrator of an employee who voluntarily discloses a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19. Faculty and staff may also call Human Resources at 805-756-2236 to report.

Campus Events

All winter events and gatherings should plan to be virtual for the remainder of the quarter. For more information or event-related FAQs or guidelines, visit Cal Poly’s Campus Events website.

Travel and Study Abroad

The Cal Poly International Center has suspended all winter 2021 study abroad programs that operate entirely abroad, effective immediately. All winter 2021 study abroad and internship programs that are offered entirely virtually will be allowed to proceed.

The International Center is hosting a variety of information sessions this quarter, including Study Abroad 101 Workshops to help facilitate students in planning their potential future study abroad plans. Students can also attend virtual drop-in peer advising Tuesday through Friday.

For the latest updates, please visit the International Center website.

Campus Dining Response

Campus Dining is committed to caring for the campus community’s health and well-being, and to playing a constructive role in supporting Cal Poly. View the complete list of venue hours here. All purchases are asked to be made through the Grubhub app when possible. This will lessen wait times and remove cash purchases.

For students who canceled their Dining Plans during the spring 2020 quarter, their rollover dining dollars from fall and winter quarters will stay on their account and be available to spend through the 2020–2021 academic year. Students who use their dining dollars at the new Vista Grande Dining Complex in 2020–2021 will receive a 20% discount on all their purchases.

Campus Dining is taking action to limit the spread of germs on campus, increasing the cleaning and sanitizing of all venues. Campus Dining is temporarily pausing the use of reusable bottles at hydration stations across campus, halting the use of personal containers for bulk bin items and replaced reusable cutlery with single-use recyclable utensils.

Customers are also reminded about social distancing, hand washing and other preventative practices on all Campus Dining communication channels. For more information and dining-related FAQs, visit the Campus Dining website.

Working from Home

Cal Poly supports all employees who are working remotely. The Employee and Organization Development (EOD) Department has provided numerous resources to ensure both employers and employees have all the resources they need to succeed in rapidly changing times. Take a free online course to learn benefits of working remotely, or time management best practices. As many employers continue using screen-sharing software such as Zoom, visit the Zoom Help Center for daily webinars. For more information and resources, visit Cal Poly’s EOD website.

Learning from Home

Cal Poly is committed to ensuring all students receive a quality education, from wherever they are studying.

Career Services continually hosts virtual career counseling office hours and drop-in advising throughout the quarter. Click here to browse all of the virtual events coming up.

The Recreation Center – The recreation center is currently open at partial capacity. Areas that are open for use include the lap pool and an outdoor exercise area on the pool deck with lifting platforms, spin bikes and more. In order to enter this outdoor area students must make a reservation and present a certified campus pass.

The Disability Resource Center will offer Zoom or phone meetings with access specialists, online test-taking support, note taking service coordination and other virtual resources.

Counseling and SAFER advocates are available through confidential telephone and Zoom consultations this quarter.

The Center for Leadership will continue offering social change leadership series courses online.

Health and Well-being

The coronavirus is a type of virus that causes diseases ranging from the common cold to more serious respiratory disease, according to the CDC. Severe illness is more common in people with underlying health conditions or weakened immune systems, as well as older adults.
If any students, faculty or staff members have a fever and symptoms of respiratory illness, such as cough, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, they should:

• Stay home
• Wash hands and drink fluids to stay hydrated
• Cover cough and avoid close contact with others

Those who are sick and wish to receive medical help should call their healthcare provider and make an appointment. Students can schedule an appointment through their Cal Poly portal, or by calling Campus Health and Wellbeing at 805–756–1211.

This quarter a new ongoing testing program is in place for students, staff and faculty. The requirements have expanded to include more students who meet certain criteria that can be found on this Coronavirus Information page. Students participating will consistently have to get tested on campus twice a week, with tests spaced three days apart. Additionally, testing is required for full-time Campus Dining employees. Testing is also offered and strongly encouraged for Cal Poly faculty with face-to-face classes, as well as faculty and staff physically working on campus including full-time ASI and Cal Poly Corporation staff. This testing program is free and only offered to those we are symptomatic. Participants must register with Avellino Labs beforehand and schedule an appointment. For more information about student testing please click here and for information about employee testing click here.

The weight of this unprecedented situation can also take a toll on community members’ mental health. Students are encouraged to contact Cal Poly’s counseling services and 24/7 hotline at 805–756–2511. Faculty and staff members can contact the Employee Assistance Program for confidential counseling services at 800–367–7474.