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Athletes and Fraternities team up with Cal Poly Police to Promote Drinking Responsibly

In a campaign to promote responsible drinking decisions, Cal Poly Police recently collaborated with student athletes and the Interfraternity Council to create public service announcement videos as a part of a new push for alcohol safety on campus.

The brainchild of Cal Poly Police Deputy Chief Brenda Trobaugh, the videos focus heavily on a “Have fun, but please be safe” message, and offer a plea from students to students to use common sense, plan ahead, be aware, don’t binge, and look out for yourself and your friends.

“We need everyone on board in this issue,” Trobaugh said, “And letting people know that student leaders from across campus are behind this effort really helps to emphasize the importance of the message.”

Trobaugh brought together athletes and fraternity members for the creation and launch of the three initial videos in the year-long campaign. Videos that will feature student leaders from other areas of campus are scheduled to be released throughout the academic year.

Drunk driving and excessive drinking are problems on campuses nation-wide and members of the Cal Poly Police Department are dedicated to offering the service and support needed to support the student body in every way they can and to keep our campus safe.

This PSA campaign is part of a grant recently issued to the Cal Poly Police Department to encourage drinking responsibly. The first round of public service announcements is currently showing at sporting events as well as on Cal Poly social media accounts.

For questions about this campaign, contact Police Chief Brenda Trobaugh at 805–756–6647 or