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Mia Chaney - Staff Feature

Meet Mia Chaney, a second year Communication Studies student with a passion for helping others. Originally from Santa Cruz, Chaney always imagined herself going to a university like Cal Poly and was especially been drawn to the famous “Learn by Doing” philosophy that she now gets to experience every day.

On top of being a full-time student, Chaney works for Student Accounts where she gets to provide guidance for parents, as well as prospective and current students. She is that friendly voice that you hear on the other end of the Student Accounts phoneline.

Being a student herself, Chaney understands the importance of understanding your account and all the stress that comes with financial management. This empathy serves her well when helping people problem solve and find answers. Chaney feels that her job is very rewarding.

Chaney recently took some time out of her busy workday to quote Heraclitus and talk about helping people, spending time outside, and the ideal office view.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?
Outside of work and school, I try to spend a lot of time outside. I’m an avid hiker and SLO has so many things to offer for that. I also grew up near the ocean, so I love spending time there and swimming. Recently I’ve started running and overall, just do my best to stay outside and active!

If you could learn one skill today, what would it be?
A random skill I wish I could learn in an instant is how to play a musical instrument. I briefly played piano and guitar when I was younger but wish I had stuck with it! I think it’d be a fun skill to have.

If you could have any view from your work desk, what would it be?
My dream view from my work desk would definitely be a picturesque view of the ocean. I grew up down the street from the water so it’s one of my favorite places and the sounds of the waves would be very relaxing.

What is your personal motto/philosophy?
Lately a motto I’ve been constantly reminding myself is that the only constant thing is change (a quote by Heraclitus). Although change can be nerve-racking, this past year I’ve recognized that change is unavoidable, and how I honestly am more afraid to be stuck in a stagnant routine. Accepting change is hard but throughout the shift to a virtual world and having most aspects of my life flipped upside down, I have become much more accustomed to understanding that change can be so good!

What advice would you give someone who wants to work in student accounts?

The main advice I would give to anyone wanting to work in student accounts is to be patient and calm. Financial services are an important and stressful topic for many so remembering that and answering each call with an open mind and calm demeanor is important. In the end we are here to help people, so making them feel supported and understood is the goal.

Keep up the good work, Mia!