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Move-Out Day: The Earth Friendly Way

Are you ready for move-out day!? For some, this highly anticipated event brings a sigh of relief as the end of a completed year means more sleep, more time and summer vibes. For others, it’s a hard time of see you later’s and transition into a new world for the next three months. Whatever mix of emotions you’re feeling about move out day, here are three easy steps to make the most of your move out experience, while keeping it eco-friendly!


Before you chuck it in the trash, ask yourself if someone else could make use of it! Kitchenware, school supplies, home furnishings, cleaning products, storage containers, working electronics, clean sheets & towels, unopened food products and lightly-used clothing are all things that someone else could use again.


This includes all paper, glass, plastics, cardboard, aluminum/metal and condiment containers…send them to the blue bin.


Whatever most definitely cannot be reused or repurposed can go to the trash. Styrofoam, weird items, perishable foods, food-soiled paper, wrappers and plastic film all fit this category.

Wondering where all your piles go after you’ve sorted your room? Take donations to the bin in the lobby, and then deposit recycling and trash outside in labeled dumpsters.

Want to help?

Green Campus needs help collecting all useable household items (that would otherwise end up in the landfill) as they prepare to sell them on campus at the beginning of Fall Quarter 2018.
Sign up here for a 2-hour shift from Friday, 6/9 to Friday, 6/16 to help!!