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Our Future Reimagined

The pandemic was a challenging time for all departments at Cal Poly. Rather than looking at those months as a drawback, Cal Poly’s Administration and Finance division regarded this time as an opportunity to be adaptive, innovative and successful. Which is exactly how departments persevered.

The repopulation of campus has been exciting, and once again a time of change. This year A&F focused the Annual Event - Our Future Reimagined - on acknowledging this new era of work.

The goal behind this event was to energize staff to take on new challenges, aspire to the characteristics that got the division through one of the toughest periods of the university’s history and unite to create a campus more vibrant than before the pandemic. The Oct. 15 event was one of the many ways that A&F is promoting such values.

Administration & Finance Senior Vice President Cindy Villa took the stage for this kick-off event to thank and acknowledge each and every A&F department. A lot was accomplished over the past year and a half and Villa made sure to address much of it. She took a moment to reflect on all the great partnerships, capital projects, and sustainability efforts that the division participated in. As Villa closed, she pointed to a reimagined future, one that is brighter.

“Your contributions, frankly, were absolutely amazing,” she said. “This campus has been a model of effective pandemic response in the CSU system and beyond. It is in large measure due to the engagement and leadership of the individuals here sitting with us today.”

An interactive annual report which lays out much of the work that took place throughout the pandemic has been created and is available here. This report was created to recognize the people and celebrate the impact of this work.

The pandemic provided A&F the opportunity to reimagine its future. Now, the division would like to keep the momentum going and continue to affect change across campus.