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Parking Smarter, Not Harder

Back in 2016 Cal Poly adopted ParkMobile, an app that allows customers to find and purchase parking straight from their mobile devices. Since then, Cal Poly has expanded on this app to provide more contactless parking payment options.

The most recent update could not have come at a better time. According to Marlene Cramer, the director of Transportation and Parking Services, with ParkMobile now in use Cal Poly has started to remove some parking meters on campus. This results in less resources used towards the meter maintenance and the collection process which allows for Transportation and Parking Services to reassign employees to do other important tasks.

Not only is this new system labor efficient, it’s also more sustainable! TAPS’ vision is to create a campus with cohesive, innovative and sustainable transportation and parking services.ParkMobile is a tool in making this vision a reality. In addition to the ParkMobile system, in Fall of 2019 virtual parking passes were implemented on campus. This system reduced and virtually eliminated the need for paper and plastic parking permits.

The app also makes it easier for customers to utilize the most updated features within the app without the campus needing to purchase new hardware which is the case for credit card meters. For example, this year people are coming to campus for shorter periods of time as a result of COVID-19 safety precautions. TAPS staff noticed a change in demand and availability, and simply added a day pass options to give students additional choices for purchasing parking on campus.

In the past Cal Poly has used ParkMobile for advance event parking reservations for large campus events such as Green and Gold tours, Open House, SLO Days, the annual Rodeo, and large athletic events. When events are safe to return to campus, TAPS plans to reactive this feature of the ParkMobile app.

Lastly, ParkMobile has allowed for a more secure way for customers to purchase parking. Having a virtual receipt has created higher levels of compliance and less frustration for customers as they always have a copy of their parking pass. Their license plate is their permit and the app provides a record of receipts for customer convenience.

It is clear that this system is adaptable, efficient and sustainable. Next time you find yourself on campus make sure you download the ParkMobile app and check out all the new features!