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Participate in “Bike There” at Cal Poly

Dust off your bike, grab your helmet and begin your ride for a chance to win some awesome prizes from May 20 – 23 for the first “Bike There” celebration.

That’s right, prizes will be involved in this celebration. You might remember the annual Bike to Work and School Days from previous years. This year Cal Poly has partnered with the San Luis Obispo Council of Government to highlight the power of community through bikes by creating “Bike There”, which leaves the door open to bike anywhere in your community, including Cal Poly.

Here’s how it will work, from May 20-23 you can bike anywhere around the county to find signs with a QR code and scan them to redeem free “Bike There” giveaways. There is no registration that has to be completed beforehand in order to participate in this event. These prizes include a buff, sticker and Whalebird Kombucha discounts that can all be mailed to you. On top of this all participants will get the chance to win an electric bike. The three Cal Poly campus QR locations can be found in the University Union plaza, Campus Market, and O’Neill Green off of California Boulevard.

Students, staff and faculty can also log their rides on the iRideshare page to track total rides, calculate the number of calories burned, compare smart commute options, work towards personal goals, compete in challenges, and more.

Biking improves our physical and mental health in a fun and relaxed way. Not to mention it also supports our economy, preserves our air quality, reduces traffic congestion, and saves money on transportation costs. Check out this page for a complete map of locations participating in Bike There so that you can start planning your route.

Lastly, as you bike around your community don’t forget to share some photos of your rides on social media using #BikeThere and tag @slorideshare on Instagram, @Rideshare on Facebook and @slorideshare on Twitter. You posts will help spread the word!