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Six New Outdoor Campus Areas You Need to Check Out

Outdoor Seating Area

What does 200 tables, 400 chairs, 200 brightly colored umbrellas, and 20 Adirondack chairs equal? That’s right you guessed it, six brand new outdoor living areas!

Feeling connected to your fellow mustangs is a huge part of one’s Cal Poly experience. Although the current circumstances have proven to make this a bit of a challenge, worry not, A&F got to work creating six outdoor spaces where students can study, attend virtual classes and responsibly socialize outside of their residence.

This plan was executed in one month with all of the tables and chairs sourced from Campus Dining operations. Some of the outdoor furniture was diverted from Vista Grande where it wasn’t being used due to physical distancing protocols, and even more came from Building 19 which is closed for renovation. Not only was this project quick, but also sustainably sourced!

What about outdoor Wi-Fi? We’ve got you covered! There are 30 new Wi-Fi hotspots created by ITS to provide coverage for all of the new areas.

“These outdoor living spaces provide a compelling invitation for students to leave their dorm room and get outside to connect with the campus community,” Cal Poly Corporation Associative Executive Director Andrea Burns said. “We are blessed in San Luis Obispo with great weather, and investing in these spaces makes it possible for more students to comfortably study, eat and safely socialize outdoors.”

So, mustangs, take advantage of the nice San Luis Obispo weather and head on over to the Performing Arts Center plaza, Mustang Way, Dexter Lawn, Bonderson Quad, Campus Market, or Poly Canyon Village where these spaces can be found.

A special thank you to Cal Poly, ASI and the Cal Poly Corporation for their efforts and contributions to create these new areas. We would also like to acknowledge Key members of the project task force such as, Anthony Palazzo, Michele Winterfeldt and Jude Fledderman from the university, Daren Connor from ASI, as well as Burns, Mike Thornton and Russell Monteath from Cal Poly Corporation.