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Textbooks? Check. Laptop? Check. Toothbrush? Oops!

You’ve checked your college packing list twice. You have answered your mom’s question about remembering your pillow a thousand times. Yet upon arrival at Cal Poly, you realize that you have indeed forgotten something: your pillow. Or over the course of the quarter, you find you have suddenly run out of an essential, like a clean shirt. Don’t sweat it. The University Store has you covered. Yep, the same place you go for your books and scantrons (if you don’t know what those are, you will in short order) and all your computer stuff also has detergent for when you run out of clean clothes or a brand new shirt if you run out of time to do the wash. Below are items all students need in a pinch — not just new Mustangs.

Stay energized all the way through finals.

Keeping it fresh with toothpaste, deodorant and other emergency toiletries.

The hook for making floor space in your dorm.

The place to run for scissors and any other last minute class supplies.

Put your bike on lock down.

Fill in the blanks last minute.

Cover up “bedhead” and look good doing it. Practical and stylish.

Don’t forget your friends back home. The best gifts are Cal Poly made.

Lost your water bottle? Find a new one in lots of shapes and sizes.

Find the perfect card for any occasion.

Get in the spirit with Cal Poly gear and put off washing clothes to another day.