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Campus Dining makes combatting student food insecurity easier

Photo by Cal Poly Campus Dining

Life as a college student is expensive enough. With tuition, housing, transportation — not to mention new textbooks and supplies each quarter — thinking about where your next meal will come from can often be the last thing on your mind.

However, it’s important that students are fueled with the nutrition and resources they need to focus on school and achieve their highest academic goals. Now, with Feed Cal Poly, the campus community can help students in need. All students, faculty and staff members can donate to the Cal Poly Basic Needs Initiative to ensure all Mustangs have access to the resources they need to succeed in every aspect of their university life.

Donations can be made by cash or credit card at any Campus Dining venue register, and guests will receive a receipt with their donation amount for tax purposes.

Find out more about two of the programs your extra dollars may help fund.

Cal Poly Food Pantry

Photo by Cal Poly Food Pantry

Part of the Cal Poly Hunger Program, the Food Pantry is a short-term service that ensures all students have access to nutritious meals every day. Powered by donations, the pantry provides a wide variety of packaged and canned foods, frozen meals and personal hygiene products for students to choose from.

The Food Pantry was created by faculty and staff members who saw an increased number of students going hungry, and without the means to purchase basic food and supplies.

Students who visit the pantry can also obtain a meal voucher and counseling support services. If their needs are more demanding, Health Education can even connect students with further resources.

Mustang Meal Share

Photo by Cal Poly Corporation

Campus Dining’s Mustang Meal Share program offers students struggling with food insecurity free meals at 805 Kitchen to ensure that they stay fueled for success. Students, faculty and staff can donate to this program through Feed Cal Poly. First-year students with a meal plan can donate $65 worth of dining dollars, enough for 10 meals, per academic quarter. At the end of the year, all unused Mustang Meal Share money will roll over to the next year to provide continued support to students on campus.

This program is self-sustaining, offering an easy way for students struggling with food security to receive support while remaining anonymous.

Need a little help yourself? Inquire about the program by contacting the Dean of Students office via email or phone (805) 756–2472.